• Shower, shave and exfoliate entire body with mild, oil free exfoliant.

  • Skin should be clean and dry before being sprayed. Don't apply body oils or moisturizer to skin as this can create a barrier on your skin.

  • Wear clothing to that is dark in color, preferably black and loose fitting (cotton clothing). Where loose shoes (sandals or flip flops).

  • Wear hair in a hair-clip or pony tail so it will be off your face and neck.

  • You will not be able to swim, sweat, bathe or exercise for at least 8 hours after you tan, so plan accordingly.

  • Bring a towel to cover leather or light colored seat. They can stain.

  • If it is raining bring an umbrella and protective shoes.




  • Wear dark, loose fitting clothes for 6-8 hours while tan develops.

  • Dont exercise, sweat, swim or bathe for at least 8 hours.If you choose to sleep in your spray tan so that it darkens overnight, please cover your bed with dark sheets and pillow cases so that any bronzer does not stain your regular sheets.

  • Shower normally but do not use bar soaps. Use a hydrating body wash. You will see some color wash away from your skin. This is completely normal, and was only the bronzer (instant tan that you could see after your spray tan). The bronzer is used to give immediate tan results, but also so that the technician may see where they are applying solution. Do not be concerned by this, as your developed tan is still there.

  • Pat dry your skin, don't rub.

  • Apply a moisturizer containing Hemp oil, morning and night (please ask your tanning technician for more information).

  • Avoid exfoliating the skin. Some products can cause faster fading.

The life of your spray tan depends on the care you take of your skin. Moisturize twice a day and exfoliate gently. The following products have been shown to reduce the number of days that a spray tan will remain on the skin, so try to find alternatives or simply avoid these products until just before your next spray tanning session.





Band Aids, Face Masks, or Biore Pore Strips -Anti Acne products -Bar Soaps -Hair Removal Creams and Shaving with a dull razor -Baby oil/Mineral oil/outdoor tanning oils (use lotion instead)If at all possible, you should try to avoid contact with chlorine or excessive sweating inside of closed toed shoes, as both can lead to premature fading of a spray tan. If you notice uneven or premature fading of your spray tan, you can always correct this by touching up your spray tan with a ‘Tan in a Can’ spray tanning product. Please ask your tanning technician for more information.

  • Dove shower Gel or soap.

  • Curel lotion.

  • Hair inhibiting lotions such as Jergens

  • AHA's, Glycolic, Lactic, Malic, Citric and Tartaric acids.

  • BHA's ( Beta Hydroxy Acids).

  • Retin A type products.

  • Toners containing Witch Hazel or Alcohol.

  • Body hair bleach products.

  • Women's tans may also develop differently during various hormonal occurances (ovulation, menstruation, pregnancy).




  • “How do I remove a sunless tan?”Our research has uncovered the most insane suggestions for sunless tan removal. We have seen every home remedy from lemon juice, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide to window cleaner, which we do not recommend.In addition to home remedies, there are several products on the market that claim to remove tans. They usually require the user to scrub their skin with an abrasive exfoliant. While these may work to a degree, the damage it causes to the healthy skin is not a desired outcome.It’s important to keep in mind that there is no miracle ingredient that will remove a sunless tan. DHA adheres to the outer layers of the epidermis. As the skin cells shed so does the DHA attached to it. At the end of the day, time is the only thing that will remove a sunless tan. However, there are some things that you can recommend your clients do to safely lift dead skin cells and the sunless tan attached to it.* DHA takes several hours to develop on the skin. If the sunless tan was recently applied, have your client shower immediately. This will stop the development process.* Existing tans can be removed by taking a nice long soak in a hot tub. Hot tubs seem to have the right temperature, chemicals and amount of friction from the jets to remove the dead skins cells gently and effectively.* If there isn’t a hot tub near by, slather on baby oil. Allow the baby oil to sit on the skin for several minutes. Then soak in a very hot bath that contains additional baby oil. Use a washcloth to gently wipe off the tan (be careful not to slip getting out the tub). Because baby oil contains mineral oil, the client should wait 48 to 72 hours before receiving their next sunless tan.Your clients may have some areas that stubbornly hold onto the tan. These are usually around the ankles and elbows. If this happens, repeat the above steps until the tan disappears.If your clients keep their skin healthy, their sunless tans will look better, last longer and fade more evenly.produce little color.









Pre & Post Tan Instructions