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Sunless Airbrush Tanning


Get bronzed and beautiful the healthy way. Feel confident and sexy in your own skin with Bella Sunless Tan. We offer sunless airbrush tanning with customized colours. There is no one size fits all with sunless colour so don't settle.


Sunless tanning products and solutions are formulated to work with the body's chemistry to darken the top layer of skin, and then fade gruadually, as our skin cells shed naturally. DHA oxidizes with proteins in the skin, much the same way that a peeled apple turns brown when exposed to air.


DHA is approved for medical and topical cosmetic use by the FDA and the solutions are safe and non-toxic. The effect develops only in the top layer of the skin during a 6-8 hour processing time and can last an average of 7days, possibly longer with proper maintenance and moisturization.



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